1. My latest and longest project is finished!
    Come by if you are in town!

  2. One of those days..

  3. This is me holding “The Simple Things” magazine, where I’ve been published once last year and again this year. Mail from England can take  a while it seems :), however very proud to be in this beautiful, happy magazine!

  4. Made in Iceland 2013

  5. It’s done! :)


    A film by Birgit von Bally
    DoP: Stephan Fallucchi

    Fashion by: Katharina Galloppa
    Concept: Birgit von Bally, Katharina Galloppa

    Woman: Franziska Rieck
    Man: Martin Moeller

    Editor: Oliver Stumpf

    Original Music: “Gleypa Okkur” by Ólafur Arnalds

    Hair&MakeUp: Sofie Krause
    Sound: Mareike Trillhaas
    Sound Design: Julian Terbuyken
    Color Grading: Birgit von Bally
    Titledesign: Magnús Elvar Jónsson

    Thanks to:
    Julius Brockelmann

  6. Li Xiaofeng makes dresses and other clothing items from traditional chinese porcelain

    photo © MIKO HE

  7. Out now! Available in Great Britain and other english speaking countries.

    Sinéad Moriartys novel featuring the wonderful and talented Christiane (paleluire.com) and her son on the cover. The picture was taken by me a little while ago.

  8. Die süsse Nell startet durch!

    MD Management

    Das Foto ist von unserem ersten Shoot im Sommer 2011


  9. FOXYGEN - Awesomest concert of the year so far..


  10. Kata one more time..it’s all healed now btw <3

  11. Still looking for mamas for my project:

    description in german and english:


  12. I dreamt of you

    the sky was burning

    I took a photograph


  13. It’s unnecessary and I love it!

    (via onthehopes)

  14. Wear it like a crown

    by me and bad luck